Disability Action & Inclusion Plan

The ACT Corrective Services Disability Action and Inclusion Plan

The ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS) Disability Action and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) is an action stemming from the ACT Government’s Disability Justice Strategy 2019 – 2029, which is a ten-year commitment “to achieve equity and inclusion for people with disability in the justice system.” 

In December 2020, ACTCS launched the ACTCS DAIP to demonstrate ACTCS’ commitment to provide an inclusive and equitable service across operations. The actions in the DAIP aim to address barriers experienced by people with disability, including staff members, detainees, offenders in the community, and community members.

Accessing the expertise of appropriate internal and external stakeholders, including people with lived experience, will be crucial to the successful delivery of the actions in the plan.

The ACTCS DAIP identifies commitments across five focus areas for implementation over the next three years including:
Focus Area 1: Capability, Culture & Attitudes
Focus Area 2: Communication & Information
Focus Area 3: Physical Environment
Focus Area 4: System Supports
Focus Area 5: Corrective Services Programs & Supported Initiatives

To ensure that the commitments stated in the ACTCS DAIP are coordinated, monitored, and delivered, the actions have been prioritised into three tranches:
Tranche 1 – Implementation to commence in 2021
Tranche 2 – Implementation to commence in 2022
Tranche 3 – Implementation to commence in 2023

Monitoring progress and communicating progress against the DAIP will be important to demonstrate and celebrate change over time and recognise challenges and learnings for future development. Our progress to December 2021 is summarised here

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