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The Corrections Management Act 2007 was passed on 18 June 2007. The Act sets out how the management of imprisoned offenders should contribute to the maintenance of a safe, just and democratic society, particularly as follows:

  1. by ensuring justice, security and good order at correctional centres;
  2. by ensuring that harm suffered by victims of offenders, and their need for protection, are considered appropriately in making decisions about the management of offenders;
  3. by promoting the rehabilitation of imprisoned offenders and their reintegration into society;
  4. by ensuring that imprisoned offenders and people remanded or otherwise detained in lawful custody are treated in a decent, humane and just way.

The Corrections Management Regulation 2010 was made under the Corrections Management Act 2007 and sets out compensation and injury management for detainees.

The following legislation also applies to the operations of ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS):

ACTCS Policies and Operating Procedures

ACTCS uses a wide range of policies and procedures to ensure legislative compliance as well as effective, consistent and quality service delivery across the organisation. Policies and procedures related to the management of offenders made under the Corrections Management Act 2007 are notifiable instruments and available on the ACT Legislation Register. Some policies and procedures are excluded from public access. This is only the case where disclosure is likely to endanger public safety or undermine justice, security or good order at a correctional centre. For more information on the various policy documents, please see the ACTCS Policy Framework.

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