ACTCS Grad Ceremony Story

23 June 2022


On 17 June 2022, ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS) celebrates the graduation of 17 accomplished Correction Officer recruits.                                                                                             

The graduation comes after 13 weeks of in-depth skill development and training, comprising both theory-based sessions and practical skill development sessions. 

An ACTCS Correction Officer contributes to their team by working directly with detainees, enabling them the opportunity to positively impact individuals lives and create a safter community. They must possess high ethical standards, be critical thinkers, be reliable and honest, and have the best interest of detainees and the community at heart.

Much of the work ACTCS personnel undertake is not visible to the public, but the value it brings to the community, and the impact it has on individuals’ lives is vital.

Each recruit has had opportunities throughout their training to interact with subject matter experts, internal and external stakeholders, and complete work placements where they shadowed current corrections personnel, preparing them for the reality of their new roles.

The abilities and skillsets of this graduating cohort, developed through their training and accrued from their previous work and life experiences, show promise in the advancement and future progress of ACTCS.

Of the 17 graduates, aged 25 years to 58 years, there are several who have worked with Corrective Services in other jurisdictions. ACTCS also welcomes the skills recruits bring to ACTCS from their respective careers including ormer youth workers, Defence Force personnel, mental health nurses and security workers, as well as people from the fitness, beauty, retail, hospitality, automotive, and trade industries.

We are also pleased to see that 25% of this cohort are female. Diversity is paramount to the high functionality of our service and allows ACTCS to represent the expectations of and bring value to our community.

Recruits are set to hit the ground running, starting work from next week at either the Alexander McConachie Centre or The Court Transport Unit. Over the next 12 months they will continue to learn and develop whilst completing their nationally recognised Certificate III in Correction Practice. 

Congratulations to the graduating recruits!

Grad ceremony story