Community Service Work

Offenders may be required to undertake unpaid community service work as a condition of their order. Community work provides offenders with the opportunity to give back to the community and assists in developing skills that can assist in employment outcomes.

Offenders undertaking community service work are supervised by ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS). Community service work hours are determined by the Court and vary between offenders from between 20 to 500 hours in total.  

Community service work can include a range of tasks such as: gardening, cleaning, rubbish removal, graffiti removal or unpacking and sorting of donated items. Work placements are allocated based on an offender’s needs and history to ensure safety and security for all involved.

Community partners

Partnerships between ACTCS and government and non-government organisations support positive outcomes for offenders undertaking community service work.

ACTCS is actively seeking to build on their community service work options with new partner organisations. Please contact the Community Service Work Coordinator if you would like more information or to discuss how your organisation can get involved.