Programs and Services

Community Corrections


ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS) Programs and Interventions offers a range of high-quality programs that form an essential part of the rehabilitation of offenders in the community and detainees in custody. There is a strong body of evidence that well-designed programs based on cognitive based learning with a focus on skill development are most effective in working with offenders.

ACTCS is committed to delivering programs in line with the Corrective Services Administrators’ Council (CSAC) Australian Offender Program and Facilitation Standards.

Program Locations

The Corrections Programs and Interventions Unit facilitates programs at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) and the Community Corrections and Release Planning program rooms at 249 London Circuit, Canberra City. Additional programs are facilitated by internal and external service providers.

The Corrections Programs and Interventions Unit is committed to enhancing collaborative facilitation arrangements to offer best practice programs to offenders in the community and detainees in the AMC.

Some programs may be commenced in custody and continued in the community if a participant is released to a supervised order.

Program Types

The following types of programs are available:

Preparation Programs (AMC only)

Preparation programs are introductory/preparatory programs to accustom detainees to the group work environment.

Offence Specific Programs (AMC and Community)

Offence specific (criminogenic) programs target the dynamic factors that influence a detainee/offender’s criminal behaviour. Programs address different areas of offending behaviours (for example, violent or sexual offences), and provide detainees/offenders with the opportunity to learn and demonstrate new behaviours, learning from their criminal history.

Offence specific programs are not available to the remand cohort as they have not been convicted of any current offence/s.

Offence Related Programs (AMC only)

These programs offer a range of supports for detainees who use Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD). They are not offence specific and are available to both remand and sentenced detainees. Entry is available to all detainees who have a history of AOD use and/or abuse and a next court date scheduled after the course completion date.

Wellbeing Programs (AMC only)

Wellbeing programs offer remand and sentenced detainees the opportunity to attend mental health and personal development programs. Ideally, programs are facilitated twice per week to capture detainees serving short periods on remand.

Program Requirements

To commence any program, participants must have sufficient time on their order or sentence in which to successfully complete all sessions.

Group program participant numbers range from four to eight, depending on factors such as resources, need, detainee (AMC) numbers, and offender (community) numbers. Whilst some programs are ongoing with rolling entry, other programs are scheduled on a non-ongoing basis dependent upon identified areas of detainee need and staff availability.

In the AMC, programs are facilitated at different times of the day for different accommodation areas and security classifications.

In the community, programs are generally facilitated in the late afternoon to provide offenders flexibility to meet both their program and employment requirements.

Participants must be referred to offence specific (criminogenic) programs by their Sentence Management Officer (AMC) or Community Corrections Officer (CCO). Participants will then be individually assessed by Programs & Interventions staff for eligibility and suitability.