Feedback and Complaints

Our commitment to you

ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS) values feedback to assess their performance and continually improve the quality of their services to offenders and the community. Your views are important to us and we welcome feedback on our services and staff, both positive and negative. 

ACTCS aims to resolve complaints quickly, courteously and fairly.

Justice and Community Safety (JACS) Directorate commitment

The Justice and Community Service Charter outlines what you can expect from the Directorate. In all parts of its operations, the Directorate aims to meet the expectations of its clients and stakeholders in delivering services to the community.

If you are not satisfied with our conduct or you believe we have failed to comply with ACT Government legislation or our Service Charter, you are free to raise the matter directly as a complaint, an allegation or a concern.

The Directorate aims to provide an accessible, fair, and transparent complaint process for all clients and stakeholders. This is in keeping with the ACT Government values of respect, integrity, collaboration and innovation. The JACS Complaints Management Policy outlines the Directorate’s commitment to responding to feedback in a timely and constructive manner. 

How can you make a complaint or provide feedback?

Providing feedback, asking questions or making a complaint can be done via Access Canberra. All submissions to Access Canberra via telephone, online or in person, will be directed to ACTCS.

Alternatively, feedback or complaints can be addressed to:


ACT Corrective Services

GPO Box 158



Telephone: (02) 6205 2388

What if you need help making a complaint or providing feedback?

If you need assistance, you can speak to the Ministerial Support Unit by calling (02) 6205 2388.

Translation Services – Telephone: 131 450

The Australian Government's interpreting service can supply telephone or on-site interpreting. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is accessible from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call.

How quickly will you get a response to your complaint?

Informal (verbal) complaints

If you make a complaint verbally by telephone or in person, the staff member who receives the complaint will identify your concerns and expectations and refer the matter to the manager of the area. Where possible, verbal complaints will be resolved within a few business days.

Formal (written) complaints, compliments and suggestions

All written suggestions and compliments and complaints will receive an acknowledgment in writing within five (5) working days of receipt.

Complaints assessed as minor will be resolved within 30 working days of receipt.

Complaints assessed as major will be resolved within 60 days of receipt.

If a complaint can be resolved within a maximum of five (5) working days of receiving the complaint, an acknowledgment letter does not need to be sent. In these circumstances, the acknowledgement letter and the outcome advice may be combined into the one letter.

Who will handle your complaint?

Your complaint will be forwarded to the Office of the Commissioner which is responsible for implementing the JACS Complaints Management Policy.

How will your complaint be handled?

To resolve your complaint, a staff member will:

  • record your complaint on the complaints register;
  • acknowledge your complaint in writing;
  • assess if ACTCS has met their service standards and objectives;
  • determine if any follow-up action is necessary; and
  • advise you in writing of the outcome.

What outcomes can you expect?

        ACTCS ensures that your complaint will result in one or more of the following:

  • a clear explanation of the action taken by ACTCS in dealing with your complaint;
  • an acknowledgement if we have not met our service standards and objectives.

What if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint?

If you are not satisfied with the decision made by ACTCS in respect to your complaint about our services or staff, you may refer your complaint to the following:

ACT Ombudsman

GPO Box 442

Canberra City ACT 2601

Telephone: 1300 362 072


What happens with your personal details?

We will need some personal details to investigate and advise you of the outcome of your complaint. ACTCS is committed to responsible and fair handling of your personal information. 

Your information will be used in accordance with the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (ACT).

Vexatious Complaints

If a complaint is considered to be vexatious, ACTCS may elect not to pursue the matter any further.

A vexatious complaint is a frivolous complaint that:

  • is an abuse of the complaint process;
  • is not made in good faith; or
  • attempts to reopen an issue that has been determined by raising the same issue again or similar issue or issues.

If your complaint is considered vexatious, you will be notified in writing outlining the reasons behind the decision.

This does not remove your right to submit your complaint to an external party.

Anonymous complaints

Anonymous complaints will be accepted, however, in circumstances where an anonymous complaint is received, ACTCS may find it difficult to thoroughly investigate or respond to the complaint without sufficient detail or the ability to maintain effective liaison.

Also, we cannot advise you of the outcome. Should this be the case, there is a strong chance the complaint will not be investigated.

What can you do to help?

To help ACTCS provide you with a response to your complaint, there are a few things you can do to assist us:

  • provide ACTCS with as much detail and relevant information as possible;
  • tell us clearly what outcome you are seeking; and
  • keep us updated on any new developments on your complaint as this will assist us to assess and investigate your complaint.