Alexander Maconochie Centre


The Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) is the only minimum to maximum correctional centre in the ACT. The AMC accommodates sentenced and remand detainees of all genders.

The AMC is an open campus style design with accommodation units around a ‘town centre’ central facilities area. Accommodation at the AMC includes cell-blocks, domestic style cottages, a Crisis Support Unit, Management Unit and a Transitional Release Centre.

The AMC was designed with Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) in mind, including initiatives such as: 2.1 million litres of below ground fresh water storage, grey water recycling for toilet flushing and irrigation, solar hot water and high grade building insulation.

Operating Philosophy

ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS) is committed to meeting the objectives of the ‘healthy prison’ concept under the four pillars of ‘Safety’, ‘Respect and Dignity’, ‘Purposeful Activity’ and ‘Rehabilitation and Release Planning’.

ACTCS aims to ensure that the AMC provides an environment in which:

  • everyone is and feels safe
  • everyone is treated with respect as a fellow human being
  • everyone is encouraged to improve themselves and is given the opportunity to do so through the provision of purposeful activity
  • everyone is enabled to maintain contact with their families and kinship networks
  • everyone is prepared for return to the community.