Detainee Money

Family and friends may deposit money for detainees online or by telephone. The maximum amount detainees may receive is $150 per week. Cash, cheques and money orders are not accepted.

In order to make a deposit, you will need:

  • the detainee’s Prisoner Identification Number (PID), surname and date of birth. This information needs to be provided to you by the detainee. ACTCS will not release this information; and
  • a Visa or Mastercard debit card (this means using your own money from a savings or cheque account with your card linked to Visa or Mastercard, which is the case if your debit card shows a Visa or Mastercard symbol). Payments from credit cards will not be accepted.

Detainees can use money received from families and friends to purchase items such as toiletries, magazines, and newspapers, and to make telephone calls that keep them in contact with their family.

You can deposit money for a detainee via:

  • toll-free telephone 1300 546 086

Online and telephone deposits are free – you will not get charged for the transaction.

Payments made before 4pm on a business day will be received into a detainee’s account on the 4th business day.

Questions? Call the ACTCS Finance team on 1800 859 164.

More information on the management of detainee money can be found in the Detainee Trust Fund Management Policy.