Notice to Visitors 03-2020 - COVID-19

26 March 2020

Notice to Visitors

Video visit sessions at the AMC

ACT Corrective Services is acutely aware of the ongoing need for detainees and families to maintain contact, especially at this challenging time.

With effect from Friday 27 March 2020, ACTCS will commence the use of video visits using the video communication programme ‘ZOOM’ to help reduce the impact to detainees and families while in person social visits are suspended.

Please be advised that video visiting sessions are limited due to the availability of the devices within the Alexander Maconochie Centre and the requirement to maintain social distancing protocols and therefore we are only able to offer each Detainee access to one video visit per week at this time.

Video visits are subject to the same conditions as normal visits, but it is particularly important that the following conditions are adhered to:

  • No profanity (including swearing);
  • No shouting or loud conversations;
  • No sexual activity or provocative behaviour;
  • No verbally abusive behaviour towards any person;
  • No clothing or other displays of offensive/racist slogans or obscene words, phrases or diagrams;
  • No clothing or other displays of paraphernalia related to organised crime groups or organisations (for example, outlaw motorcycle club colours)

Specific to video visits the following conditions must also be adhered to:

  • No displays of other devices such as mobile phones or televisions, that allow secondary access to other media sources shall be permitted:
  • Visitors should ensure they are in a private location. No backgrounds that include other members of the public are to be permitted.
  • Visitors are not to invite other community members into a visit on other devices.
  • Visitors attempting to hook up to an existing visit via a secondary device is prohibited.

Non-adherence to these guidelines will result in a termination of the visit and possible future access restrictions being imposed

Booking Process

The following steps will assist you with booking your visit and accessing ZOOM.

  1. To book, please contact the normal visits phone line on 1300 286 583.
  2. Please provide the following details:

               • Detainee’s name and PID

               • The full name of all visitors attending including children
               • The preferred date of visit in line with current allocation


     3. Once confirmed, you will receive an SMS enclosing the details of the meeting and a link to join your ZOOM meeting.

     4. If you do not have access to a mobile phone, the meeting link will be provided via email.

If you are using an internet browser:


  1. Follow the link provided in the SMS and enter your meeting ID when prompted.
  2. You will have the option to download and install ZOOM or join from your browser – select join from your browser.
  3. If you join the meeting before it has been started by the AMC, you will see an image displaying ‘the meeting has not started’.
  4. Please ensure that your audio (microphone and speaker) and video camera are enabled for the session.
  5. The session will complete when you reach your allocated visit time.

If you wish to use the ZOOM app:
     1. To download the ZOOM app, visit the Apple or Android store. This Application is free to download.
     2. Open the ZOOM app and follow the prompts: Join meeting > enter meeting ID > Join with or without video.
            a. If your session has started you will be able to join the visit, or you will see the ‘waiting for host to start meeting’ screen.

     3. Please ensure that your audio (microphone and speaker) and Video Camera are enabled for the session.
     4. The session will complete when you reach your allocated visit time.

If you are having problems accessing your session, please visit in the first instance.
I would like to thank you for your ongoing patience, I appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone, and we are working to increase this capacity further and to minimise the impacts on our detainees and families.

Jon Peach
ACT Corrective Services

26 March 2020

Notice to Visitors 03-2020 - COVID-19