Victim Services

ACT Corrective Services (ACTCS) is committed to ensuring that victims have the information and support they need and that they can contribute to decision making in relation to a detainee.

ACTCS Guiding Principles for working with victims of crime

  1. The safety and wellbeing of the victim must be paramount at all times.
  2. ACTCS believes the safety and wellbeing of others (which may include offenders) must also be regarded when determining how to respond to victims.
  3. ACTCS will take victims seriously and treat them as individuals, with due regard to their personal situation, rights and dignity.
  4. ACTCS will deal with victims sympathetically, constructively, reassuringly and in a timely manner.
  5. ACTCS believes that victims should be provided with information about their right to access victim services, and where appropriate provided with information/advice about other relevant services they may access.
  6. ACTCS will give victims clear, accurate and timely information as to what services ACTCS can provide to them.
  7. ACTCS will endeavour to provide victims with timely and consistent information about matters in which their personal interests and safety are affected.
  8. A victim’s personal details, or any other information about a victim, shall not be communicated to the offender in any circumstances.
  9. ACTCS will meet the requirement of Privacy Principle 11(1)(a) by informing offenders that information disclosed by them indicating a serious and imminent threat to a crime victim’s safety will be passed to the police and possibly the crime victim who has expressed a concern about the need for protection from violence or harassment from the offender.
  10. ACTCS accepts that victims of family violence live in situations where the threat of further violence is serious and imminent and will disclose personal information that is necessary to prevent or lessen this threat.
  11. ACTCS will manage offenders in accordance with the principles of natural justice with reference to Victims issues and concerns.